Pharmaceutical & Medical

At SPS we believe that the work we do makes a difference. Our devotion to helping clients reach their goals of discovering, developing and producing lifesaving products is something that gives us great pride. Over the years working in the pharmaceutical industry, SPS has developed high quality fabrication techniques that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. SPS has extensive experience designing, fabricating, and installing a wide array of systems used in all applications in the pharmaceutical and medical sector. Our involvement in the industry is split into two main branches: Process Equipment and Distribution Piping.

Branch 1: Process Equipment

SPS has been providing the Canadian pharmaceutical industry with reliable TSSA approved process equipment (skids) for over 30 years. Our success in this sector is in part attributed to our experienced team reliably designing and documenting each project to customer specifications and requirements. Using the latest CAD software, SPS provides custom made pharmaceutical skids encompassing framework, piping, electrical, and system controls. Prior to fabrication, all materials and components are pre-inspected and documented to ensure full traceability is accessible and up to industry standards.

SPS skids are prefabricated and pre-assembled in our shop with passivation and factory acceptance tests completed prior to shipment. Once complete, our field installation team can deliver and install prefabricated interconnecting piping between the skid and any required utilities providing a turnkey product.

Branch 2: Distribution Piping

Stainless Piping Systems is at the frontier of pharmaceutical process piping layout design and field installation in North America. Experienced in large scale projects involving 17+ miles of stainless piping, our team can install documented and traceable systems ranging from purified water, water for injection, clean steam, clean compressed air, clean in place, product piping, and all required process drainage piping.

SPS’s affiliation to the CANBIM association enables us to utilize the latest software technologies to provide flexible solutions to complex problems in collaboration with other trades. In addition, our engineering team can provide real time CAD representation of our field installation progress with remarkable accuracy down to 0.0625”.

Prefabricated and passivated in house, the SPS approach allows for scheduling optimization, minimizing field installation downtime and maximizing productivity. With orbital welding capabilities ranging from 1/8” to 6”, SPS can provide solutions to all requirements our customers may have in the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial Process Piping

We can confidently say that SPS stands out among the rest when it comes to process piping. Our engineering team is capable of designing systems of high complexity and miles in length. Combined with our expert fabrication and field installation teams, we provide consistent and schedule abiding solutions throughout the duration of the project. No matter the size, guaranteed. Backing our claim is the craftmanship our experienced operations team has. The quality of workmanship we have provided to the pharmaceutical industry has given us the reputation of being the best in the business, the competition just cannot deliver the quality that we have spent the last 30+ years perfecting.

Water Treatment

Our team at Stainless Piping Systems cares for the safe use of Canada’s fresh water in all its industrial applications. The energy sector uses large amounts of our fresh waters and requires intricate and complex piping systems to return them to the environment in a safe environmentally friendly manner. SPS has provided prefabricated piping systems to multiple water treatment facilities which have been installed across the Canadian energy sector. Time and time again we have been trusted by these corporations to provide fail safe systems in their processes and time and time again we have delivered.

Food and Beverage

Strengthening the industries in our communities by assisting with the automation of high frequency production lines is all too familiar to our team. Our piping systems can be found in updated production lines at bottling, chocolate, cookie, and candy production plants. Clients throughout the food and beverage industry have returned to us over the years due to our unparalleled quality and timely deliveries that ensure their automation and process improvement projects are a success.


Whether you are a car enthusiast or merely use one in your daily commute chances are you expect a lasting and rust resilient paint job on your car. So do our clients. This is why all key players in the Canadian automotive industry, the big three as well as Honda and Toyota, have come to us when it came to the upgrading and maintaining of the paint shops that manufacture the backbone of their brands like the Civic, Corolla, and Challenger amongst other famous models. Our experience does not end with the OEMs final assembly, it also extends well into the automotive supplier and feeder plants that require fabricated paint, solvent and gas piping. Whether you see our systems at a Tier 3 or Tier 1 supplier, at Ford or at Chrysler assembly plant, their ability to continuously provide quality results in demanding environments is a testament to our engineering and craftmanship.

Semi-Conductor and Fine Gases

SPS takes the opportunity to contribute to the research and development of semiconductors seriously and with care. This is why world-renowned engineering universities like the University of Waterloo and University of Toronto hand picked us to build their stainless systems required to carry out their research. In addition to R&D, SPS has provided a long list of clients with stainless piping solutions for the manufacturing of such products.