Efficient Installation

The third and final pillar is represented by our skilled field team accomplished in executing high profile jobs in high profile applications. Accompanied by field engineers and the full support of the United Association Local 46 Union, we are capable of executing large construction jobs running 60+ personnel at on site locations.

Thanks to our “True Prefabrication” approach we bring the highest cost savings with fastest installation completion times in the industry. Stainless Piping Systems believes the timely execution of field installation is crucial to project success and client satisfaction.

To ensure this belief is always met SPS will assemble up to 75% of a piping system in house, minimizing on field square footage required for installation and site shutdown time.

Combining our dedication and expertise with the right tools for the job, the SPS installation team has an exemplary track record of on time quality delivery. Whether it be the complete installation of turnkey process equipment including all necessary interconnecting piping or laying process pipe at a blistering rate of 650ft per day, we let our reputation among clients speak for itself.

  • Field Measuring and pipe routing accurate to 1/32”.
  • Turnkey skid / modular system installation complete with associated tie in piping.
  • Complete piping systems installation.
  • Orbital & manual welding procedures
  • On site passivation and insulation.
  • On site weld & pressure test inspections.
  • Full material traceability and welding documentation available.
  • On site radiographic examination, video boroscoping, hydrotesting, liquid penetrant, ferrite testing or visual examination available.

Point Cloud Model

With the implementation of Point Cloud Modelling technology, the installation team has access to real time model representation. This new tool enables the SPS installation team to obtain accurate measurements and plant layouts to facilitate the accuracy and consistency of our project completions. By digitalizing the toolbelt of the SPS site team we debrief our clients prior to, and during installation stages, guaranteeing the fastest installation completion times in the industry