Aura at College Park & YC Condos

Due to high elevations, the main water lines on skyscrapers require stainless steel material to withstand high pressures needed to pump water throughout the tower. Developer Canderel Stoneridge relied on SPS to provide the piping system they required to successfully complete Canada’s tallest residential tower Aura and their luxurious YC development downtown.



Sanofi Pasteur

Since 1991, SPS has supplied and installed almost every high purity piping system at the 54-acre Sanofi Pasteur Campus in Toronto.  We are proud at SPS of the valued relationship we have built over the many years with this world leader in producing vaccines.


Richmond Hill


Based on a proven track record at the many Apotex locations, Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company called on SPS to design, fabricate, and install 4 miles of intricate piping when they built their new location. The project scope ranged from purified water and clean steam, to water for injection and product piping. Apotex’s trust in our longstanding reputation paid off with the successful and timely completion of this large-scale piping project.



Sick Kids

The Sick Kids organization entrusted SPS with the high purity reverse osmosis piping system for their state of the art 21 storey research facility in Toronto. Totaling a staggering 7200 feet, SPS is proud to have successfully contributed towards this meaningful cause.


Brampton Assembly Plant


Through many partnerships with mechanical contractors working at the Chrysler Brampton Assembly Plant over the years, SPS has been either directly or indirectly involved in the many shutdowns and paint system upgrades that the plant has undergone.


Alliston Manufacturing Plant

Honda of Canada

Canada’s best selling sedan 20 years in a row is built at Honda Canada’s Alliston facility. That is why when SPS was asked to design and fabricate new piping systems in the Civic’s paintshop plant we proudly agreed. SPS supplied state of the art and reliable piping systems contributing to the succesfull rollout of the Civic sedan for years to come.



For over 20 years, SPS has been proud to provide Purifics with fabricated pipe and tube assemblies.

We have met the demands of Purifics’ intricate designs and exacting quality requirements to support their quest for complete water purification.

From small pilot projects to full scale filtration skids, SPS is honoured to support successful companies such as Purifics.



Nestle Canada Inc

Nestle Canada relied on SPS for a two phase upgrade for the Toronto chocolate factory site. This two phase project relied on SPS fabricating stainless steel tubing platform frames around their facility as well as a complex jacket tubing system used for the distribution of heated liquid chocolate throughout the facility.



Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited

Brampton’s Coca Cola bottling plant required a high pressure compressed air system to support new equipment to be used in production.  Entrusted with a broadscale project, SPS was responsible for the layout design, prefabrication, and installation of the new piping. Inspection of the piping included high pressure on site pneumatic testing, registered and witnessed by TSSA.  This critical system was brought to successful completion within extremely tight timelines, allowing the client to roll out their new product on the date required.

Suez-GE Water Technologies

Suez / GE Water Technologies

Operations in the petroleum industry require large stainless water purification systems to feed clean water into boilers for proper procedure execution. For such a task, GE Water Technologies (now Suez) relies on SPS to fabricate large industrial water purification systems to be used in the Canadian oil sands projects for Shell, Suncor, and C.N.R.L.



Molson Coors

SPS was approached to fabricate a Clean In Place system at the Toronto based Molson Coors brewing facility. Working in conjunction with a local contractor, SPS fabricated a CIP system connected to the facilities lines to facilitate maintenance processes and maximize production output.