Innovative Engineering

Stainless Piping Systems has a dedicated team of experienced professional engineers and CanBIM affiliated mechanical designers committed to the successful completion of every project, no matter the size. The engineering team is the first of three pillars that compose the backbone of our company, responsible for the interpretation of our customer needs and realization via design.

SPS engineers take pride in ensuring an open line of communication with all our clients and provide support and assistance from product conception, through to fabrication and on field installation. Our customers have come to expect exactly what we can deliver: Accuracy and cost-effective product delivery. Equipped with cutting edge graphic design software and project management tools, our engineering team will carry through the different stages of a project from start to finish ensuring efficient and timely problem solving to any project challenges.

BIM Modeled Pharmaceutical Production Facility

Our experienced team firmly believes that thorough and accurate design prior to fabrication ensures a smooth transition to the installation phase of any project. The SPS engineering team proved these beliefs when given the opportunity to partner up with a US based firm to design the first major pharmaceutical building in Ontario with complete BIM digital representation. The use of advanced 3D software enabled the SPS Design Team to coordinate and lock down pipe routing to within an accuracy of 0.0625”. At design completion, it was found to require 17 miles (27 km) of high purity and non-high purity stainless piping.

When it came time to release drawings to fabricate and install, SPS, with the support of the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 46 affiliation, was able to expand its on-site and fabrication team to 80 journeymen and apprentices. With all piping fabricated off-site, the installation team was able to expedite installation at a blistering rate of 650 ft of pipe per day. An impressive feat considering the stringent welding, NDE and documentation requirements of the industry.