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Celebrating 20 years in business, Stainless Piping Systems Inc. continues to service a wide range of customers and industries. As delicate as 1/8" O.D. tubing to as large as 36" diameter pipe, our skilled craftsmen provide the products to meet our customers requirements.

Stainless Piping Systems Inc. boasts a diverse customer and industry list, servicing:

From high profile and demanding requirements of the health industry through to large volume industrial applications, Stainless Piping Systems can meet your needs. We are dedicated to providing the goods and services that our customers have come to expect - with the care and precision that each job deserves. We stand behind our quality and support our work with the documentation our customers require. Stainless Piping Systems delivers what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Repeat business is a key to the success of Stainless Piping Systems. Our customers have come to rely on the product and services provided. Over the last 20 years, Stainless Piping Systems has developed close and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers. Instead of working 'for' our customers, at Stainless Piping Systems we strive to work 'with' our customers. We work hard at developing and maintaining close ties to both our customers and suppliers. Our customers reciprocate by their continued patronage. Our suppliers support us with their best service.

Stainless Piping Systems is dedicated to providing cost-effective prefabrication, quality products and on-time deliveries. Innovative manufacturing techniques such as mandrel bending and extruded tees help to complement our services.

We are proud of our Union membership (UA Local 46 of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry) supplying both unionized and non-union clients with cost effective solutions to their stainless piping requirements.

Fully prefabricated systems, (using a variety of joint designs - flanges, sanitary clamp, grooved joint, etc.) can be supplied and installed by Stainless Piping Systems. The client also has the option to use their own crews to assemble the fabricated sections. If the requirement is for a fully welded system, Stainless Piping Systems can supply the installation team, equipment and welding expertise to complete the job.

Through careful planning and experience, our approach to prefabrication and installation has been successful in providing our customers with quality, on-time products. This prefabrication method is key to providing timely installations where short shutdown periods, or tight construction schedules, necessitate minimizing onsite work.

Over the years, Stainless Piping Systems has provided numerous piping systems for the water treatment industry. Our Customers and their Clients have become increasingly more demanding with the requirements for quality and documentation. Their projects are from a cross-section of the high-profile industries - petrochemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, desalination, etc.. The demands are high; the expectations are high; and the quality of the product Stainless Piping Systems delivers meets those requirements.

Whether it is a high pressure RO system in 316L, 2205 or 254 SMO or a high flow membrane system, our piping systems are active in a variety of countries throughout the world. From water purification systems in California to boiler feed water systems in northern Alberta to desalination systems in the mid East, our piping systems are as versatile and diverse as you can imagine.

We look forward to any inquiries you may have.

Rut Damen, P.Eng.

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